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Descriptions of above designs

advert design

Advertising is a form of communication intended to persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to purchase or take some action upon products, ideals, or services.

It includes the name of a product or service and how that product or service could benefit the consumer, to persuade a target market to purchase or to consume that particular brand.

survey design

I can assist you with your survey design needs. Almost any size or shape survey can be designed - as long as the correct dimensions are supplied. Surveys can be designed in most printable formats as well as other electronic advert formats if required.

I have designed adverts for most media, including newspaper, magazine, booklets and various other publication formats.

flyer design

Flyers are much like an extension of the business card only with more room for graphic displays and more detailed information about your products and /or services.

Flyers should be as eye catching as a poster and as informative as a brochure only shorter and produced much cheaper. Commonly flyers are produced in one colour and printed on affordable paper types.

Once again the look of your flyer will depend on the purpose the flyer has to serve. But there are a few guidelines one can use to generally create and effective flyer.

I can assist you with your flyer design needs. I can design to almost any flyer size and shape, I just need the dimensions supplied.

I have designed flyers of many shapes and sizes, but the most common formats and sizes are: A4 flyers, A5 flyers, A6 flyers, A7 flyers and DL flyers.

poster design

Posters are an effective outdoor marketing medium most commonly used by events management companies and companies of the same nature to advertise events and other happenings.

Posters are a cost effective way to reach the largest portion of your target market. For that reason the streets and shopping mall became flooded with posters from companies across all sectors of the business world.

I can assist you with your poster design needs anywhere in South Africa or even the world if need be.

I can design to almost any poster size and shape, I just need the dimensions supplied to me. I have designed posters of many shapes and sizes, but the most common formats and sizes are: A0 posters, A1 posters, A2 posters, A3 posters and A4 posters.

catalogue design

Catalogues for products, for exhibitions, for showcasing, sales catalogues, and many more The one thing most catalogues have in common is that it is a list of products and or services listed in an easy to find lay-out on either a printed or electronic medium.

Whichever way you choose to display your product in the catalogue, the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" surely applies here more than any where else. If you were to simply list the products instead of displaying images - it can become confusing when similar products are sold in different sizes and from different manufacturers!

I have designed catalogues of many shapes and sizes, but the most common formats and sizes are: A3 catalogues, A4 catalogues, A5 catalogues, A4 folded to DL catalogues as well as multi page stapled page catalogues.

exhibition banners

I can assist you with the design of your exhibition banners.

The pull up banners are usually printed on pvc, but other options are available.

I am also able to design other formats if required as well as outdoor or hanging banners suited to your specific requirements.

Logo Design
  logo design logo design logo design
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logo design

I design and develop company / business logos to suit the image you want for your company. Logo design is done with your company's product, services and market in mind, so that your image is in line with the clients you are targeting.

Your logo will most likely be used to brand all company media, so it is important that you have a great logo to begin with.

I have various logo design options, but we have great deals on full Corporate Identity packages that include your business card design, letterhead design, folders and compliment slips as well as email stationery if need be.


Digital Presentations / Presentation Folders
  digital presentations folders
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digital presentations

The method of conveying information to one or more person at the same time.

Digital Presentations can be presented in a variety of different ways. The style of the presentation would be dictated by the audience present as well as the nature of the content of your presentation.

Presentations can be supplied in Powerpoint OR Acrobat (PDF) (excluding CD reproduction & printing)

* These prices vary according to the amount of content and complexity of each individual job. Purchase of cd's will be a separate cost dependant on quantities.

presentation folders

Presentation folders are designed to hold many different types of advertising mediums such as brochures, CD's, printed presentations, photos and many other are commonly found in such folders. It is up to the graphic designer to combine the company profile and corporate identity into an effective folder concept.

Folders are commonly used by companies that often present information about their services and/ or products to other companies or individuals that buy their product and/or services. For this reason it is very important to have your folder designed according to your company's look and feel so as to present a united recognizable appearance to the rest of the world.

Business Card Design
business cards
business cards

Business Card Front

business cards
business cards

Business Card Front

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Your business card is possibly the most effective direct marketing media that is available to you. It is as important to have a great/suitable business card design to suit your target market.

I have designed many of different business cards over the past few years for various different industries. I will design your business card to suit your image and target market.

I can design business cards for people and companies situated anywhere in South Africa, we will send you the design and print ready files when complete.

Wedding Invitations
wedding invite

wedding invitations

electronic invite
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Custom designed wedding invitations, perfect for your special day
Custom Decor & Design

grooms beer label

personalised labels

wedding logo
wedding favours
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Finish off with unique decor items designed to match your theme, for gifts, novelties, place cards, thank you cards etc.