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I am a multi-faceted individual, with a tendency to live in my very own Bohemian world, and am therefore impossible to define by a single word or area of expertise.

As a Graphic Artist and Website Designer, I make use of my creative and aesthetic talents together with a high degree of skill, dedication and personalisation in every task I undertake. I am relatively without limitation - so if it is something completely out of the ordinary you're after - I say - Let's GO! My signature is crisp clean cut eye candy you'll catch yourself looking at over and over because What is yours, is also mine so you can be assured that I will only produce that which one would certainly be proud of!

With the vision of Empowering Women, I easily lead groups of ladies at a time, to step over the mundane boundaries that have been imposed upon them, or conditioned into them, and bring them to a point where each lady in the group is comfortable to release her Inner Goddess in a safe and non-threatening environment, and through demonstration and encouragement, each lady joins in, is completely supported by the group and above all, enjoy loads of FUN and laughter!

I am an Ordained Healer and Impeccable Channel of Universal Energy. My focus being healing hearts, minds and spirits. I call it "Open Heart Healing, For Smiling Souls. With love, my attitude towards this is one of being willing to work myself out of this position through creating a world of people who are able to heal themselves!

As a Teacher and source of inspiration for many who have crossed my path and those who still walk with me, I have a magical way to lift people out of lowly conditions, shedding new light onto their situations and through sharing new perspectives I am able to help them see the light and find a way to it.  I am a natural psychoanalyst, easily allowing myself to get into someone's head and really understand the way that he/she thinks the result being that the heart of the matter is usually fairly easy to determine.

To describe myself in the physical, I stand out rather than fit in, with a humble and grateful attitude and a special flair for outrageousness and absurdity, whilst remaining grounded, informative and multidimensional, the bridge between playfulness with wisdom comes naturally, allowing me to connect with people on all levels.

On a spiritual level, I truly believe that everything happens as it should, and I am not one who tries to hold onto all things, instead I have exercises in place to help me to consciously let go and with love and gratitude, because far be it from me to upset the giant apple cart of Universal Order… 

My Goals predominantly include healing myself and teaching others to heal themselves through growth, self love and connection, raising consciousness, freedom, expansion, expression and letting go!  Sometimes it is just “being present”  and “able to relate" that plays the biggest part in changing and healing lives.

Similarly to what I stated in the beginning, there is not a box made for someone like me, no classification, just classic…